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Is Bulletproof Ukraine a commercial project? 
No, we are fully non-profit. We started it in the beginning of March 2022 to help Ukraine, its people and everyone who comes to support it from abroad. 

Why does Bulletproof Ukraine project exist?
We are here to make high quality bulletproof vests available for everyone. People at risk are lacking bulletproof vests because they are expensive and hard to source. In the state of war, people need bulletproof vests of the 4th protection level and above. Ave. price for such vests is 550-850€ and it is not easy to deliver them to Ukraine.

Whom are you supplying bulletproof vests?
In the first 5 months, we were producing bulletproof vests for both civilians and military units. Since August 2022 we want to focus on supplying only civilians: paramedics, volunteers, journalists etc.

Can I get a receipt for my contribution?
Yes, if you wish to receive a receipt, just send your name, email and address to

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Where do you produce?

Cherkasy city (3h away from Kyiv)​

Who is working with you?

A team of 11 volunteers, body armor experts and steelworks specialists is supporting us. ​

How do you finance the production?

The production is fully backed by donations and our own investment.

Where do you source materials?

We source almost all materials in Ukraine, but the producers of the products we use are from Europe. 

How much you can produce per day?

We can produce 50 bulletproof vests (100 ballistic plates) per day. However, right now we do not work in our full capacity as we can only order a limited amount of steel for the financial reasons.

Do you sell the bulletproof vests?

The first batch of 150 vests was given to soldiers and volunteers completely for free. Other batches were sold at production costs (240€). 

Quality Test

Both the plate carrier and the steel plate went through several rounds of iterations before the perfect quality fit was found.


There are 2 types of tests that each batch of the ballistic plates undergo: 

1. In house: the plate is getting tested against projectiles that correspond to a certain ballistic protection class.

2. Laboratory: more careful expert examination and certification.

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How do you choose whom to send bulletproof vests?

The order can be placed by filling out the online request form. We prioritise volunteers, paramedics and journalists. Usually we request to show a proof of their position as such.

How can I order a bulletproof vest?

The order can be placed by filling out the online request form. The bulletproof vest can be sent per post or picked up at the production site in Cherkasy. Contact us per mail or phone in case you need your vest urgently. Otherwise, we will get in touch with you when the batch is ready.

Meet The Team

Bulletproof Ukraine was founded in early March 2022 by two friends who saw a critical need in military protective wear in Ukraine when Russia began the full-scale invasion.

We were not experts at bulletproof vests by then. Rost used to manage the most popular bar in Kyiv. Madina is an ex-venture developer who used to build companies in Europe and MENA region in such spheres like fintech, medtech, mobility and others.

We grew a network of ballistic armor experts, steelworks gurus, and engineers who support us at each stage of the production. We understand that someone's life depends on the quality of vests we produce, therefore we are constantly working on the improvement of our products.

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Product & Operations

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