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Focus on
saving lives



Your name on the ballistic plate

Donate for the production of at least one bulletproof vest and we will engrave your name on the ballistic plate as a symbol of gratitude.

You donate -
We produce bulletproof vests

We will distribute bulletproof vests for volunteers, paramedics, journalists and other civilians.


people became patrons


produced and distributed Bulletproof Vests


organisations supported

BU Bulletproof Vest 3.0

Protection Class
Steel type

Spall Protection

Soft ballistics


5 (UA National Standard)

8,5 kg
30MnB5 (add. hardened)

Kevlar + Rubber layer

Shockproof damper

Cordura 1000 d

3rd gen white.png
new plate 1.png

500 bulletproof vests for civilians

We are collecting 120 000€ to produce 500 bulletproof vests (240€ per one vest) for paramedics, volunteers, journalists and other civilians in need in Ukraine. The market in Ukraine is full of poorly made and really cheap bulletproof vests. They are produced by DIY uncertified commercial manufacturers. Due to lack of expertise, civilians buy such bulletproof vests without realising that they can kill themselves by using them.  We focus on saving lives. Therefore our goal is to provide free high quality and certified bulletproof vests to civilians in Ukraine. 

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